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Web Development Services

A Globals is one of the leading Website Designing Company in Uttarakhand. From flexible platforms to custom applications, we build a perfect strategy to enhance and simplify your business. Our coders can design and develop best eCommerce websites and they will also provide support for issues with the codes and even they also maintain it with minor design or feature changes.

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Services List

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E-commerce Solutions

We develop quality e-commerce websites with high-end security that will boost your sales.

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CMS, WordPress, Drupal

We work on various CMS to provide systematic management and presentation of your content.


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Custom Design

From start to finish, our professional designer and developer committed to deliver a custom website design.

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Latest Technology

Our services involve the standards for building the web pages: HTML, CSS, SVG, device API & other web applications.

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SEO Focused

We make sure that your website can be accessed by major search engines.

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PHP and JS Development

We provide software development services in PHP, Drupal, Python, JavaScript/ jQuery, etc.

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Cross-Platform and Responsive Websites

A Globals develop and design responsive websites that will work perfectly in all platforms. No matter how the customer is reaching you, he will have the same pleasing experience in all the devices. The better user experience means increase in business sales which is directly proportionate to increased profits.

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Highly secured Test environment

Our Team use self-managed test cloud servers for developing your websites. These servers are highly secure to respect your privacy and data. The client will have access to these testing environments during the development process. This ensures 100% transparency in our working processes and progress.

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